Unguided Desert Tours - ATV/UTV Tours and rental

Unguided ATV/UTV Tours

Unguided Desert Tours - ATV/UTV Tours and rental

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Unguided Desert Tours

Want to navigate these rugged trails on your own? No problem! With our Unguided Desert Tours, choose from our top-of-the-line Honda ATVs (single passenger four-wheelers) or Honda Pioneer UTVs (seats up to 5, similar to the Polaris RZR) and enjoy this mountainous landscape at your own pace.

We offer the only “Show up and Ride” in the Bradshaw Mountains where you can ride right from our property! We will provide safety gear and a map, as well as a safety operations briefing on your vehicle before you head out to enjoy these dirt roller coaster trails!


The $75 deal for 2 hrs is available till 2021!


Directions and Ticket Information

Please read the entire message!

Summer Check-in Times
6 AM - 11 AM Mon-Fri and off the trail by 2 PM
6 AM - 2 PM Sat-Sun and off the trail by 5 PM
(Starting October 1st, our hours will be 7 AM - 4 PM and off the trail by 6 PM)

If you have booked a certain time, feel free to disregard it, and come anytime you like in the above time-slots.

It is first come first serve, purchasing tickets online does not guarantee specific ride times. You may buy tickets and redeem them at any time at a future date with no expiration date. We allow pre-purchased tickets and on-site tickets to check-in for the same tours and riding times, so it is first come first serve based on the time you arrive. There is up to a one hour check-in period upon arrival. Weekends are much busier than weekdays and may have extended waiting times.

Our address does not work on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or any other GPS apps. Please look up “Rock Springs Café” to see the general location of our facility, detailed directions are below:

We are in Rock Springs. You can Google the Rock Springs Cafe.

From Phoenix, take I 17 north and exit at Rock Springs, number exit 242. Turn left, cross over freeway bridge, turn left again, head south on the frontage road and look for Arizona Outdoor Fun billboard ATV rides, turn right 20 yards past the billboard on dirt road driveway that veers to the south. Do not get back on I 17 southbound. Travel on dirt road 1/2 mile. Turn right into Arizona Outdoor Fun property.

No damage deposits. We hold your ID and credit or debit card during your rental for our security. If there is damage, it will be assessed and paid for at the end of the rental. We do not offer any insurance to cover yourself or vehicles.

You must be 18 years old and have your ID to rent. You must be 16 years old to drive. You must be at least four years old and have your own child car seat to be a passenger. Just a valid ID is needed, no driver's license necessary.

Please bring at least 64 ounces of water per person or 4 16 ounce bottles of water, dust protection, eye protection, and face-mask. If you do not have these, we will provide rental safety gear at no additional cost.

We are no longer accepting cash, tickets can still be purchased on-site with credit/debit cards.

No sandals close-toed shoes only

Thank you and come on out and have some Arizona Outdoor Fun!


Tour Times

Unguided Tour Availability

May-Sept 6 am - 11 am

Oct-April 8 am - 3 pm


We HIGHLY recommend coming early during the summer months to beat the heat

*Additional times may be added
*2 hours, 2 person minimum, 1 person ok with other reservations.

Pricing & Details

2 Hour Ride

$210 $75 : ATV - Single person vehicle
$420 $150 : UTV - Two Person vehicle
$510 $225 : UTV - Three Person vehicle
$600 $300 : UTV - Four Person vehicle

Additional Hours

$85 $40 : Per ATV Per Additional Hour
$125 $80 : Per Two Person UTV Per Additional Hour
$150 $120 : Per Three Person UTV Per Additional Hour
$175 $160 : Per Four Person UTV Per Additional Hour

  • Includes: Helmets, goggles, gloves and fuel
  • Sales Tax and Gratuity not included
  • No security deposit required. Any damages to the vehicle will be assessed after the ride.

72-hour cancellation policy. Must be at least 16 years of age, 5' tall and 100 lbs to drive an ATV or UTV. We recommend that anyone with a heart condition, chronic back problem or is pregnant to consult your physician before touring. Required attire: No open toed shoes, dresses or skirts. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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