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Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 15:10

When it comes to Arizona desert tours, ATVs and UTVs offer a unique way to access hidden trails and valleys that might otherwise be inaccessible. Feel the engine rev as you zoom past saguaro cactuses, sagebrush and tumbleweeds toward the picturesque mountain scenery ahead with your group. Arizona Outdoor Fun’s tour guides use off-road vehicles to give you an up-close-and-personal view of the desert.

Our selection of guided ATV tours includes the following options:

Daytime tours: Daytime ATV tours through the Bradshaw Mountains offer incredible perspective into western desert scenery and history. Visit ancient Native American ruins where Arizona tribes lived, cooked, and created goods to trade and sell. Feel the old west come alive as you pick rocks for turquoise just like miners used to! The roads you travel have been carved by centuries of flash floods and desert travel. See the desert like never before with this guided three-hour tour.

Sunset tours: This is the same amazing desert experience ATV riders participate in daily, but our sunset tours have the added benefit of a painted sky. Native American ruins and turquoise mines come alive in the quiet desert night. Experience the vibrant Arizona sunset from an ATV in the middle of the desert. Temperatures drop as dusk falls and covers the sky in rich orange, pink and yellow hues that simply don’t exist in urban areas. This two-hour tour guaranteed a stunning view of the desert like you’ve never seen before!

Ghost town tours: The Bradshaw Mountains are known for their desert scenery and rich history, but nestled deep into these mountains also lies the hidden ghost town of Tip Top, which was settled back in 1876. This eerie town boasts three cemeteries and several historic silver mines where more than 500 residents toiled to make a living. Arizona’s first brewery was founded in these mountains and is still visible today as one of the only standing buildings left in addition to the stage stop and the miner’s old quarters. Rumor has it that famed gunslinger Doc Holiday and his companion, Big Nose Kate, traveled through Tip Top before continuing on their way. This five-hour tour offers a glimpse into the historic town and what daily life was really like for the famed Arizona settlers.

UTV options are also available to allow your group to ride together through the desert. Our fleet of Kawasaki Teryx UTVs (or, "T-Rex," for short) is one of the largest in the state and allows riders to enjoy a smooth ride with the same accessibility as an ATV. T-Rex options can accommodate anywhere from two to four riders per vehicle and have choices of two or four-wheel drive to ensure you have the power you need to go anywhere in the desert.

Is your group ready for a more extreme ATV tour? Add a shooting adventure to the package! Our NRA-certified instructors provide one-on-one instruction so you can shoot a real AK47, M4 Carbine, Glock 9mm, or Beretta Model 92 like a pro! Receive tips to improve your aim in a safe atmosphere while testing different types of guns. Whether you are new to the shooting range or have years of experience, a shooting adventure can kick your trip up a notch. Discounts are available when this adventure is paired with a tour.

Arizona Outdoor Fun not only provides your group with a knowledgeable guide to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the trails, but we also provide all safety gear, fuel and water for the ride. If your party is at a hotel in Phoenix or the surrounding area, our staff will gladly pick you up and provide a ride to our location. All you need to bring is yourself (and some sunscreen). Touring the Arizona desert has never been so easy! Call today or book online to begin your Arizona adventure.

Written by Joe Haldiman
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - 15:07

Teambuilding is a challenge, especially among companies with multiple departments whose tasks might not always require collaboration. Research proves employees who feel like they are part of a team have higher work satisfaction and produce better quality work more quickly than those who feel they are not bonded to their colleagues. Interdepartmental communication improves with teambuilding exercises as well; employees are encouraged to work together and build a rapport with their coworkers, and that communication carries over into the workplace. Employees feel more comfortable around each other, communication increases, ideas flow, and everyone wins! So, how can Arizona Outdoor Fun enhance your workplace experience? Let us count the ways...

Camaraderie. Teambuilding experiences are a great way to develop a sense of community among your staff. Activities require people to work together actively or passively to achieve common goals – much the same way your business is run. Through communication, delegation and effective management skills, everyone comes out a winner in these outdoor Arizona adventures!

Fun for everyone. Whether your team has five people or 50, Arizona Outdoor Fun can accommodate groups of all ages and sizes. Our unique selection of activities and skill levels allows you to select a custom activity everyone will enjoy, whether you prefer roaming the desert in goal-oriented activity or sailing the high seas (or, Lake Pleasant, anyway) in a raft you’ve created yourself.

Skill Building. Create memories with coworkers as you work together to discover treasure in the Arizona desert, build a shelter or design new and innovative ways to get you and your team members to safety before time runs out! Not only are these activities fun, but your department is encouraged to think creatively and develop new ideas together. These skills are invaluable for employees who regularly work together on projects that require collaboration and cooperation.

The benefits of team building are numerous, but Arizona Outdoor Fun also has unique experiences to offer, which makes our services stand out from competitors. We currently offer:

  • Desert Survival Adventures: Can you survive in the Arizona desert? Teammates locate food and water to prepare a meal. Enjoy your bounty inside a desert shelter and learn how to signal for help from even the farthest reaches of the desert.
  • Geocaching: This popular outdoor treasure hunt involves GPS trackers which are utilized to perform tasks, enhance your ability to survive in the wild and rescue castaways.
  • Desert Island Drifters: Cool off during the hot summer months with this water adventure! Team members build rescue rafts from found items and get to safety before it’s too late.
  • Custom events: Whether your group enjoys ATVs, paddle boarding, or simply wants a quiet tour of the desert, Arizona Outdoor Fun’s expert team of adventurers are able to craft a custom experience for you. Explore our website for a complete list of options and offers.

With so many benefits and opportunities for collaboration, there is no reason to put off your next corporate event. Employees of all ages and skill levels are able to participate in these fun activities and everyone comes away with newfound communication and collaborative skills they need to work effectively inside the office – and out. Book your office the adventure of their lives! Call or book online today to create an unforgettable teambuilding experience in the Arizona desert.

Written by Joe Haldiman
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 15:03

Surf’s up! Arizona Outdoor Fun is pleased to announce the addition of paddle boarding services to their Lake Pleasant location. Paddle boarding is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels, and it provides an active way to sightsee and experience the beauty of Lake Pleasant – all from a board balanced on cool, soothing waves. Experience the best Arizona has to offer from the comfort of your own paddle board balanced carefully in the center of Lake Pleasant’s 360 degree scenic views.

There are many benefits of choosing paddle boarding for your next Arizona adventure! Not only is this activity safe for all ages, but it is also easy to learn. Paddlers can pick up the necessary skills in short time and drift off into the water without a worry in the world. Active paddlers will be pleased to discover this activity doubles as a great core workout. This is amazing cross training for anyone interested in fitness and discovering the natural beauty of the Arizona desert.

Many new paddle boarders wonder: what is the difference between paddle boarding and surfing? While surfing involves riding the waves, paddle boarding is a calm activity that takes place on quiet, flat water. The board itself is another difference: surf boards are thin to allow for agility and speed. Paddle boards are thicker and wider for stability and a smooth paddling experience. Paddle boards also utilizes a traction pad to give adventurers a better grip on the board. One or several fins maintain a steady track in the water even when faced with small waves.

The key to paddle boarding is choosing the right board and paddle for you. It’s safe to start with a board that is 8 - 12 feet in length and 28 - 32 inches wide. These sizes are standard and will allow for a smooth ride. Paddlers should begin their experience by kneeling on the board and attempting to stand up slowly. If, after several tries, you find yourself falling, it may be time to opt for a wider board. Your core should be centered on the board itself, as paddlers will need to activate their abdominal and back muscles to remain stabilized. Arizona Outdoor Fun has specialists trained to assist you in selecting the right board for your skill and comfort level, so no one with an interest in paddle boarding should feel discouraged.

Similarly, paddles must be carefully selected. Options exist in plastic, aluminum, wood, and carbon fiber, and each model will give the paddler a different feel. The paddle should be roughly 6 - 10 inches above the height of the paddler to ensure maximum efficiency. Beginners should remember to put one hand on the very top of the handle one on the shaft instead of placing both hands on the shaft like a broom – this provides better leverage and will give the paddler more even strokes. The real power for each stroke comes from your core, so remember to let your back do a great deal of the work to prevent fatigue.

Whether you seek a group outing or an individual water retreat, Arizona Outdoor Fun has paddle board adventures to suit your needs. Call (602) 400-2445 now or book online to begin planning your next Arizona adventure today! As the Hawaiians say, you’ll be How He’e nalu (surfing with a paddle) in no time!

Written by Joe Haldiman