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Monday, September 28, 2015 - 15:21

September means back-to-school season for many Arizona families, but that shouldn’t stop Phoenix residents from living a healthy, active lifestyle. Sitting at school or work for as many as eight hours a day can take a toll on the body: fatty deposits build up, obesity rates rise, and overall lifespans are shorter in populations with sedentary lifestyles. Kids may participate in gym at school, but one hour of activity (often less in public school systems) simply is not enough to aid children and their growing bodies. Did you know Arizona Outdoor Fun can actually help your family lead an active, healthy lifestyle?

Thrill the kids with ATV and UTV rentals in Phoenix. Choose from guided or unguided tour options on desert trails through valleys, over mountains and into the heart of the old west. We offer the valley’s only “Show Up & Ride” program in the Tonto National forest and the Bradshaw mountains. Choose from Tonto National Park’s 30-square mile marked trail or embark on an educational western adventure with a skilled tour guide. The kids won’t believe family fun can be so cool!

One of our more active family adventures in Phoenix is paddle boarding at Lake Pleasant. This stand-up activity allows parents and kids to get a full-body workout while enjoying the cool water and relaxing scenery of the Arizona desert. Work with an Arizona Outdoor Fun activity specialist to select the right size board for each member of your family and select a paddle that will allow for maximum leverage. Experience the thrill of standing on the water and using your core to maintain stability as you glide smoothly past saguaro cactuses and mountain scenery.

Surprise the family with a trendy geocaching adventure. Search for hidden “treasure” in the desert, learn survival skills, and use a GPS to locate various challenges. This physical and mental exercise will challenge everyone to work together towards a common goal. Your family will grow closer than ever before with this unique, goal-oriented activity. Bonus: the kids will be excited to go back to school and share their new real-world knowledge with friends after hiking in the Phoenix desert.

Work with an Arizona Outdoor Fun specialist to customize a day-long Phoenix adventure for your family. Working with our adventure experts comes at no additional charge and can greatly enhance your family fun. Receive expert recommendations for additional adventures and add-ons your family will love. Shooting adventures, a barbeque lunch or dinner, or even a hot air balloon ride are all ideas your specialist might suggest. The sky is the limit with Arizona Outdoor Adventures!

With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to understand why Arizona Outdoor Fun is the top choice for active family activities in Phoenix! This fall, get off the couch and onto an ATV, headed toward unknown adventure. The kids will never see this coming. Create your day of fun today! Complete our contact form or call (602) 400-2445 and speak with an Arizona Outdoor Fun expert today.

Written by Joe Haldiman
Monday, September 21, 2015 - 15:18

Planning an outdoor group event in Phoenix can be stressful – safety concerns can be compounded by the Arizona heat no matter what time of year it is. The key to planning a spectacular outdoor event is not to reject the outdoors, but to embrace it! Arizona Outdoor Fun has spent years designing group-friendly activities. So regardless of whether you want to play in the surf or enjoy an afternoon in the sun, our team of planning experts will listen to your needs and create a safe, exciting event everyone will love.

Variety. Arizona Outdoor Fun listens to your group’s unique needs and plans an event specifically around what you want. Do you crave a water adventure with a Lake Pleasant boat rental? Take a tour while you’re there, get your heart racing with thrilling Jet Ski rides, and even play Frisbee golf! Does your group want to sightsee in Phoenix with a desert tour? Hop on our wide selection of ATVs or UTVs and enjoy a guided tour with a shooting adventure and a barbeque lunch or dinner. Everyone is satisfied and happy with events crafted by our expert team.

Knowledge. Guided tours are part of our extensive repertoire, which aims to increase knowledge of our great state and its historic mountain towns. Learn more about the western mining town of Tip Top on a ghost town tour of the foundations that still stand today. Visit turquoise mines and discover what drew early settlers to the area. Even shooting adventure add-ons come with an NRA-certified instructor to guide shooters through proper safety techniques and procedures so everyone can continue to have fun.

Ease of Use. When your group reaches out to a member of Arizona Outdoor Fun’s planning staff, we handle everything! Whether you desire a guided tour with activities and meals included or a more hands-off approach to touring the Phoenix desert, our team will craft options for you and provide all necessary safety gear and equipment. If your group is at a hotel in the Phoenix area, we will gladly send a car and driver to pick you up for a minimal fee. With our experts on the job, it’s easy to enjoy the desert.

Satisfaction. Our customers have extremely high satisfaction rates and we attribute that to our caring, detailed event planning methods. Many adventurers come from out-of-state and Arizona Outdoor Fun serves as their first introduction to the Phoenix area. Our goal is to do justice to the rich culture and history Arizona has to offer. Customer service is top priority at our business and we want everyone to come away from their day with us feeling invigorated and ready to tackle to world.

Embrace the beauty of Arizona with the company that knows the Phoenix desert better than any other. Don’t throw caution to the wind when it comes to planning a desert event for your group; use a company with tried-and-true experience creating memorable getaways for corporate events, parties and reunions in Phoenix. Complete our booking form today to begin the reservation process.

Written by Joe Haldiman
Saturday, August 29, 2015 - 15:14

When it comes to planning a group outing, it’s tough to please everyone. Some people might want a thrilling adventure while others simply want to tour the outdoors and experience the sights that surround them. With Arizona Outdoor Fun’s Phoenix group events and tours, you can create an outing that makes everyone happy. Our expert staff is experienced in listening to your group’s unique needs and desires, researching possibilities in the area, and exceeding all expectations with an event everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Arizona Outdoor Adventures is able to plan outings for any occasion or group size. Your party can decide between a variety of land or water adventures with your choice of add-ons, equipment and dates. Exciting birthdays, romantic anniversaries, corporate teambuilding events, and get-togethers with friends from out of town all become moments to celebrate with the expertise of our planning crew. A guide from Arizona Outdoor Fun will accompany your group on the adventure of a lifetime and impart critical knowledge about the Arizona desert, western history and other interesting facts to take home.

Out of town travelers need not fear when participating in Arizona Outdoor Fun group activities. We provide everything necessary for your engagement: transportation to and from the event, safety equipment, water, and additional provisions are included in the cost of your gathering. The only things adventurers need to remember are a smile and sunscreen to protect against the year-round Arizona sun!

In the past, our team has compiled a wide variety of adventures:

Lake Pleasant boat tours
Begin with a guided tour of Lake Pleasant and learn about the history of this popular Arizona attraction.

Shooting adventures
Shoot a variety of guns, including a real AK47, M4 Carbine, Glock 9mm, or Beretta Model 92, in the desert just like settlers did back in the Old West!

ATV & UTV tours
Ride through the desert with the wind in your hair and the sun guiding your way on a Phoenix ATV or UTV tour! Explore your choice of Native American ruins or old fashioned turquoise mines.

Use a map and your partners to search the desert for hidden treasures. What will you find? It’s a mystery…

At the end of your day, unwind with a pre-planned BBQ dinner and your choice of beverages (spirits available upon request). Rehash the day over a delicious meal and vibrant conversation with your group about the great new skills you just learned.

When it comes to Arizona outdoor adventures and Phoenix guided tours, Arizona Outdoor Fun offers everything you could possibly need for a day packed with excitement! Call (602) 400-2445 now to arrange the time of your life or book online.

Written by Joe Haldiman