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Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 15:31

Teambuilding is the number one priority for many leadership teams in Phoenix. A department that communicates well and has a sense of camaraderie is more likely to develop effective plans and produce happy customers than a team that has not developed their interpersonal skills. Arizona Outdoor Fun’s expert team creates an itinerary of things to do in the Phoenix desert that foster innovation, encourage employees to think creatively, and boost healthy competition. After all, in the office, competition increases productivity. During teambuilding events, competition is just plain fun!

With so many companies in Arizona offering teambuilding activities, it is important to understand your employees and choose an activity that highlights everyone’s strengths.

How to choose the best teambuilding company for your team:

  • Know your team! Every team is comprised of introverts, extroverts and people who fall somewhere in between the two categories. Know your department’s preferences and choose an activity that highlights everyone’s strengths.
  • Number of people. Some companies have restrictions on the size of group permitted at any one time while others, like Arizona Outdoor Fun, can accommodate all group sizes. With one of the largest fleets of ATV and UTV rentals in Phoenix, as well as a large selection of equipment and an expertly trained staff, your group is in good hands.
  • Honesty. Is the company you’re communicating with realistic about what your team can expect from the teambuilding experience or are they promising the moon? Make sure the company you choose listens to your needs and offers solutions instead of making promises they can’t keep.
  • The take-away. What can employees expect to take from their teambuilding adventure? Is there an action plan or a specific set of communication tools they can apply immediately to an office environment?
  • Credentials. Any company you choose should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Review online ratings and try to get a feel for the company and the quality of service they have provided in the past. Arizona Outdoor Fun, for example, has an A+ rating from the BBB and won TripAdvisor’s prestigious Certificate of Excellence in 2015. Combined with rave reviews from past customers, it’s easy to see why Arizona Outdoor Fun’s activities continue to be a favorite for Phoenix residents.

Arizona Outdoor Fun is the first choice for many companies in Phoenix for a number of reasons. We offer experienced guides to both create and manage your group events for a flawless experience from start to finish. All materials, equipment and provisions are provided. Your group may even customize their own event on land, water or both! With an unlimited number of options to choose from, your team is sure to be satisfied with their teambuilding adventure. Call (602) 400-2445 today to learn more about our services and create your own custom group event.

Written by Joe Haldiman
Monday, November 2, 2015 - 15:28

With autumn already overtaking the Sonoran Desert, many residents and travelers find themselves drawn out into the temperate weather to enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze and natural hiking conditions that come so rarely to the valley. There is a season for every outdoor fun activity in Phoenix and it just so happens that fall brings with it an endless list of things to do in the desert! If you want to take advantage of the cooler weather, this awesome activity pairing from the experts at Arizona Outdoor Fun is just perfect Phoenix group events, sightseeing opportunities and family activities.

Guided Tours (Arizona Outdoor Fun style!)
These aren't your average walking tours of the desert – we offer a wide selection of locations to visit while riding ATV and Kawasaki Teryx "T-Rex" UTV rentals in Phoenix. Riders enjoy exclusive history, educational information, and fun facts about the desert and the old west. Destination options include:

  • Turquoise mine: pick rock at the same turquoise mine where settlers in the old west used to work.
  • Ghost town: explore one of the area's first settlements in the abandoned town of Tip Top where visitors can view the foundations of the carriage house and brewery among others.
  • Mountainous trail rides: learn about the Arizona desert as you ride past saguaros, barrel cactuses and treacherous chollas. Take in the multitude of Arizona's desert colors on the horizon as you ride back.

Shooting Adventure Add-On
Control that trigger finger, partner! Our NRA-certified instructors keep everyone safe during this educational add-on to any ATV or UTV adventure. Everyone will enjoy a desert ride to the outdoor shooting range where targets are set up and waiting. Shooters are invited to test their skills with a variety of different guns ranging from a real AK47 to the classic Beretta Model 92. You can't miss the mark with this awesome selection of firearms. Beginners, intermediates and experts are all welcome.

Autumn is the perfect time to experience everything the Arizona desert has to offer! Whether you are on the back of an ATV, driving the latest Kawasaki Teryx UTVs, or want to improve your aim, our experts can craft an adventure customized just for you. Depending on the length of your adventure, a traditional western barbecue meal may even be available to satisfy hungry adventurers. So, what are you waiting for? Call or book online and take off on the adventure of a lifetime! You’ll be shocked at just how much there is to do in Phoenix.

Written by Joe Haldiman
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 15:24

Whether you have been brought to Phoenix for corporate events, sightseeing or family adventures, there is never a lack of things to do in the Sonoran desert! Our southwestern home is host to a variety of thrilling, serene and intriguing options to suit all ages and personalities. Arizona Outdoor Fun strives to bring an element of excitement into your trip and has connections all over the valley to make your stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Seize the day a whole new way with these adventurous options.

Guided Tours. Book a guide to enhance your outdoor fun activities. Select from our enormous fleet of ATV or UTV rentals in Phoenix and allow us to whisk you away to a southwestern paradise. Riders will experience the desert up close and personal through challenging mountain trails and scenic vistas. Desert tours have never been more fun!

Shooting Adventures. This adventure add-on enhances any Phoenix group event. Whether you’re new to shooting or are a certified marksman, our NRA-certified staff guides everyone toward safe gun practices. Participants accurately shoot at targets in the desert before riding back on an ATV or UTV of their choice. Target practice is a must for any western adventure.

Paddle Boarding. Paddle board at Lake Pleasant and experience the tranquility of our native desert waters for yourself. Our team of experts will assist in selecting the right size paddle and board for your height, and you will then embark on a serene journey in sun-warmed Arizona waters.

Watercraft Rentals. Cool off with Lake Pleasant boat or pontoon rentals, wakeboarding and jet skiing in Phoenix! Thrill seekers will love doing tricks on the water as they are pulled along beneath a sunny, blue sky. Those who enjoy a more relaxed afternoon can drift along on the water and enjoy desert scenery on the shore including saguaro cactuses and native Arizona wildlife.

All-Day Adventures. If you have one day to spend in Phoenix, Arizona Outdoor Fun can help you make the most of it! Choose any combination of your favorite activities such as horseback riding, hot air ballooning, helicopter tours, or our signature guided desert tours for a custom day-long selection of family activities in Phoenix. Enjoy a barbeque lunch just like settlers in the Old West would have to reenergize for more western activities. Participants should allow eight hours for maximum enjoyment.

Arizona Outdoor Fun understands the many ways Arizona’s natural beauty impacts those seeing it for the first time. Desert vistas, mountain trails and boating experiences allow travelers to delve into the heart of our great state and experience the Sonoran desert as it was meant to be. No matter what kind of adventure you have in mind, you’ve found your destination for family adventures in Phoenix. Can’t wait to get started? Book online or speak with an Arizona Outdoor Fun representative to create memories that last a lifetime!

Written by Joe Haldiman